Interactive information system

Interactive information enquiry system, which adopts touchscreen panel.

TV Wall

Normally constituted with more than 2 pieces of screens

LED panel

Various new types of LED panels, including pliable, super-thin LED panel

Digital Signage

Digital Signage for indoor and outdoor purposes

Digital Whiteboard

Replace traditional whiteboard with user-and-environmental friendly electronic whiteboard

Installation and engineering packages

We provide with solution packages for projection engineering

For fruitful content of Multi-media Production

Produce multi-media creation to meet Customer’s demand

For fruitful content of Multi-media Production

Produce multi-media creation to meet Customer’s demand

Case Study:

Our professional engineers are committed in providing you with exquisite and qualified installation services – please refer to more case study in our past portfolio —More…

The latest products to fulfil market’s needs

Screen technology ever keeps speeding up and revolving reaps and bounds, we hope to satisfy you among one of our wide spectrum of products!

Creative application of projectors in dining setting

With velocity and agility and based on different environment settings, we could make use of one or more projectors to cast out corresponding images, so as to cultivate matching harmonious atmosphere. By the time of serving the dishes, the projectors could be able to simulate trial food processing, to project the culinary images onto the table, dishes, and thus to create marvelous, vivid and impressive visual effect to our dearest guests.

Visual products of SCREEN

We offer full spectrum of products, to fit in wide-ranging industrial applications


Solution Package

Could pinpoint customer’s needs by offering bespoke solutions


Case Study

Ample cases are provided for you as viable reference


Customers and Partners

We embrace with much gratitude for the trust and support from our customers and loyal partners

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